Full Service Isn’t a Thing of The Past in Raleigh!

Self-service gasoline pumps have become increasingly common across the country.  Customers see them as a way to save money by pumping their own fuel and gas stations save money by reducing staff.  At first this seems like a win-win for both parties. The problem is that the customer ultimately loses out on weekly or bi-weekly inspections of under-hood fluids, tire pressures and a relationship with someone who can prevent roadside breakdowns.

How does Full Service differ from Self Serve?

There’s a big difference and it starts with customer service that’s been removed from so much of our lives.  When you pump your own gas you get no acknowledgement from the business other than a “Thanks!” printed on a generic receipt that every other customer gets.  Thanks for what?  Your money?  Your not bothering anyone inside?  It’s pretty impersonal and you patronage really has very little meaning to the folks inside at the near-automated machines.

At North Ridge Station we appreciate our customers.  We know that there’s hundreds of other gas stations in town and you could easily pass us up for one of them.  Our full service customers are greeted with a smile by our staff, frequently the owner himself, and for just a few more minutes a week you hand over your car responsibilities to a professional.  While you wait in your car, we pump your gas, clean your windshield and back glass, check your oil, top off your washer fluid and set your tire pressures.  For many of us those are all things we MIGHT check once between oil changes but sometimes not even that often.  Imagine a brief, non-invasive inspection of the critical workings of your vehicle all being done for you on a weekly basis?

It’s really a simple choice and a very affordable one too.  Our full service fuel prices are just a bit more per gallon than our self-serve but having a trained professional keeping an eye on your car weekly is priceless.

Why Has Full-Service Gas Become So Rare?

We first started seeing a drop in customer service at the pumps during the fuel crisis of the 1970’s.  As prices of fuel sky-rocketed businesses saw self-serve as a way to reduce labor costs which could be passed down to customers in the cost of the fuel.  With this also came the independence mindset of not needing someone else to do such a remedial task.  Save money, be independent, it’s the American way!  As prices stabilized the motoring public had become so used to handling the pumps themselves that Full-Service Filling stations became almost an extinct business model.

Why Should You Choose Full Service at North Ridge Station?

-Customer Service
-A Better Value
-Developing a Relationship With Local Businesses

We pride ourselves on providing quality service work both in the repair shop as well as at our Full Service Pumps.  Our customers mean something to us and we value them taking the time to choose our business over someone else’s.

You can get gas anywhere.  But you cannot get someone to pump your gas and check your fluids and tire pressures on a weekly basis.  You can wait until a warning light appears on the dash to check things out but frequently that can mean catastrophic damage is already taking place.  Having your tire pressures set weekly WILL result in better tire wear, better fuel economy, more predictable steering response and safer travels for you and your loved ones.

Our Full Service Fuel Pumps are just the tip of the iceberg for what North Ridge Station has to offer our friends in North Raleigh.  At the pumps you get to experience old time customer service that most businesses have forgotten how to provide.  But when you decide to let us handle your maintenance and repair needs we show just how modern the rest of our shop is.  From tires to brakes, oil changes and state inspections we can handle everything that many light-maintenance chains provide.  We take it a step further by providing engine and transmission repairs.  Our ASE certified staff can handle timing belts, tune-ups, and coolant repairs.  Finally, we also offer premium auto repair work that rivals the dealerships.  We can troubleshoot electrical and engine performance complaints, we offer hybrid maintenance and repairs, and we use top of the line scan tools and diagnostic test equipment to repair even the toughest of problems that many shops can’t tackle.

North Ridge Station offers full service for aspect of your vehicle’s needs.  It all starts with a smiling face and a business man who still remembers what customer service used to be.  Let us pump the gas for you!