The Expanding Global Automotive Industry

Globalization Impacts Auto Manufacturing

Today, Americans frequently still associate the automotive industry in the United States with Detroit. Long a leading corporate center for major automakers, Michigan still retains a number of automobile manufacturing plants. Plants contributing to the production of one or more brands of vehicles sold in the USA operate in Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Warren, Wayne, Lake Orion, Sterling Heights, Flat Rock and Dearborn.

Yet during recent decades, domestic auto manufacturing has shifted to several other locations around the nation, as well. Kentucky, Texas, Kansas, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, California, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and South Carolina all contain auto factories. Many foreign-owned companies operate plants in these locations, and in Michigan, also. As global trade has increased, the automotive industry has witnessed increasing diversification. No longer does Detroit necessarily set the pace for developments in the vehicle manufacturing industry domestically.

A Growing Number of Auto Makers

One recent trend which promises to significantly impact the automotive industry in coming decades involves growth in the number of new automobile manufacturing facilities overseas. The manufacture and sale of automobiles has transformed China during a relatively brief period of time. Currently superhighways and pollution reduction plans impact growing numbers of drivers there.

Concerned by deteriorating air quality, the Chinese government recently implemented tighter emissions control regulations. Drivers must remove polluting vehicles from the roads during certain peak traffic periods.

An Emerging Market: Africa

The popularity of automobiles may prove especially significant for Africa, where millions of people still struggle with high unemployment and significant per capita poverty rates. Many automakers have begun locating auto production facilities in Africa. Toyota, General Motors and Tata Motors reportedly have all made plans to establish new facilities there.

Auto manufacturers like Laraki Motors in Morocco, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company, Ltd. in Nigeria, Birkin Cars in South Africa, and Wallyscar in Tunisia and others will likely change the landscape in Africa soon. What impact this trend will ultimately exert on Africa’s fragile natural environment remains unknown. The large number of independent nations within sub-Saharan Africa and widespread poverty may make implementing effective pollution control measures very difficult there.

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