Why Discarded Tires Pose an Environmental Hazard Today

Tires in the Headlines

Recently, health officials in North Carolina became very concerned about tire disposal. What underlies this interest? Why should drivers and businesses care about discarded tires?

A public health concern surrounds this automotive industry issue today in our state because ripped or torn old tires remaining uncovered outdoors gradually collect rainwater. During summer months, North Carolina’s hot weather helps warm these shallow, persistent pools into the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Health officials would like discarded tires collected and properly recycled or disposed of in order to prevent colonies of mosquitoes from thriving.

A Potentially Significant Health Threat

Mosquitoes frequently serve as potent carriers of disease. When these insects consume blood from humans and animals, they sometimes absorb viruses or other pathogens in the process. Infected mosquitoes may transmit disease when they bite.

Unfortunately, a number of viruses potentially circulated by mosquitoes have become a problem this year in the Caribbean and along the Gulf Coast. Zika Virus, Dengue Fever, and West Nile Virus all sometimes spread as a result of active mosquito populations. These illnesses pose an especial health hazard for seniors and children, and for anyone with an impaired immune system.

The Drive to Collect Old Tires

People in Durham recently took action to help reduce the number of discarded tires that could serve as mosquito habitats in North Carolina. All the reported cases so far of Zika Virus in the U.S. have involved individuals who traveled abroad. However, many local households as a precautionary measure dropped off used tires for proper disposal on Saturday July 9th. The effort produced a big turnout, and may occur again soon.

In addition to removing old, discarded tires, clearing away any accidental stagnant pools of standing water that might become mosquito breeding grounds makes sense. Additionally, when you work and play outside this summer, consider using insect repellent.

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