Do Automotive Apps Represent The Future?

Popular Mobile Technology

Today, a growing number of people in North Carolina rely extensively on mobile technology to perform a myriad of daily tasks. Internet-connected “smart” phones and tablets offer great tools for communicating easily and attending to a variety of daily scheduling tasks more efficiently. Many automakers have noticed the popularity of smart phones and high tech gadgets. Not surprisingly, some brands seek to incorporate these features into vehicles.

One motivation for this change may involve increasing public interest in automotive high tech infotainment upgrades. Although still not the primary interest of auto buyers, recent studies suggest more tech-savvy consumers have started valuing the ability to enjoy Internet connectivity while driving. In a recent survey, McKinsey and Company claimed an astonishing 28% of customers purchasing new vehicles prized tech options for connectivity more than fuel efficiency. Over one in ten of the consumers responding in the study indicated they would never consider buying a car lacking this option. Expect more automakers to build cars furnishing online connectivity as an available upgrade in the future!

Open to Debate

Some critics argue apps really hold very little place in automotive technology. They point out the availability of an app will probably not make a difference in whether or not most customers choose to purchase a particular brand of car, for instance. Additionally, using certain types of apps in vehicles equipped for infotainment could prove distracting to drivers.

Yet in growing numbers, automakers have started offering some impressive high tech options and Internet-connectivity features in newer models of vehicles. Several Southern cities in particular will likely benefit from this trend. Economists attribute the rapid growth in automotive technology-related jobs in Nashville, Tennessee and Jackson, Mississippi in part to increasing public interest in the field.

Some Useful Automotive Apps

Already, cell phone users can employ a number of helpful apps to track information about their vehicle, including timetables for seeking routine maintenance work. From aCar to myCARFAX, these tools often help drivers schedule visits to automotive services in a timely way.

Many automakers also developed useful automotive apps. For example, Hyundai created Blue Link, a program enabling customers to lock the car remotely using a smart watch. BMW developed an iRemote app to help a driver locate a vehicle easily in a crowded parking lot. Volvo’s On Call app performs a similar function.

The Road Ahead

As manufacturers create increasingly “smart” cars loaded with high tech options, some marketers have foreseen a potential for expanding the role of these software programs. At the 2016 Mobile World Congress, for instance, Visa disclosed the firm may soon provide apps for use in automobiles supplied with Internet-connectivity. Visa hopes the technology will enable drivers to purchase gas or pay parking lot and meter fees directly from a vehicles. The company has reportedly entered into a partnership with ParkWhiz and Honda to develop applications along these lines. Instead of proceeding inside a store to pay a gasoline bill, customers in the future may simply tap on the vehicle’s touchscreen console to authorize payment.

Other innovative proposed uses for an automotive app involve directing the vehicle to pay a Bluetooth-equipped parking meter. Visa has already explored testing this idea in New York City. The app appeals to consumers who do not want to incur parking fees by accidentally overstaying time limits at meters. A driver would authorize the technology in the parked car to pay additional amounts as time expirations approached. The initiative would require the cooperation of city governments and municipal planning agencies, since presently Internet-connected parking meters remain limited in availability.

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