Recent Flooding Impacts Second Hand Auto Market

Devastating Weather

The recent flooding in Louisiana and some other parts of the South created hardships for many families. New reports revealed that heavy rains created a rising tide of water in some low lying areas. The waterlogged soil could not absorb all of the runoff, and widespread flooding ensued. The calamity resulted in at least 13 deaths and has caused over 100,000 people to request federal emergency assistance.

When a crisis of this proportion strikes, it necessarily impacts automotive markets around the United States, as well as individuals. Car owners in affected areas frequently sustain losses even after flood waters recede, because a vehicle usually won’t function reliably after sitting submerged in water. Since comprehensive auto insurance policies usually cover water damage to vehicles, fortunately many Louisiana households will likely obtain some compensation for weather-related automotive losses.

Caution Advised

Car buyers in North Carolina should take care not to purchase any vehicle from a flood-impacted location without first checking that the auto or truck definitely did not sustain water damage. If you have any doubt about this issue whatsoever, you may want to consider foregoing the purchase.

Following disasters, re-sellers sometimes transport flood-impacted vehicles out of an affected area for resale in second hand car markets elsewhere at low prices. Over the course of time, a water-damaged vehicle does not usually represent a good value. Avoid buying any auto that you suspect sat submerged in flood water!

Water Damage

Why should you avoid purchasing water-damaged vehicles? Experts caution that automotive components subjected to flood water may sustain rust, mold and a wide variety of electrical and mechanical problems. Anyone driving one of these machines risks encountering a series of repair bills in the future.

While detailing may remove signs of cosmetic damage, the process of sitting submerged underwater may lead to malfunctions in a variety of sophisticated internal automotive systems. Today, vehicles typically use a number of computerized components. Water causes insidious longterm problems.

Signs of Possible Automotive Flood Exposure

Of course, the law does not prohibit the sale of vehicles following natural disasters. Signs that sometimes indicate a second hand vehicle sustained flood damage include:

Precautionary Steps

After flooding strikes a region, some vehicle owners may attempt to recoup their losses by selling newly repaired trucks and autos. Some sources claim that as many as 50% of flood-damaged vehicles eventually return to the road. Experts caution consumers against purchasing second hand vehicles without checking the full history report first. You can obtain this data for a modest fee from many services, such as Auto Check or CarFax.

It also remains a wise idea to ask a qualified mechanic to check over any second hand vehicle you may consider purchasing. This precaution makes sense even when you don’t harbor concerns about water damage. An experienced auto repairer can assess whether all of the major systems in a used vehicle appear in good condition.

Caring For Your Automobile

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