Does your steering and suspension feel loose or unpredictable?

Have you got squeaking, creaking, or knock noises? Does your steering and suspension feel loose or unpredictable? You may have worn or bad ball joints.

What’s a ball joint? It’s simply a point in your steering or suspension where to components come together with the ability to pivot or twist. We see this in steering components like tie-rod ends, track bars steering linkages as well as suspension components like upper and lower control arms and sway bar links. If you don’t have a clue what these parts are, don’t worry because we do and we also know how to inspect and repair/replace them as needed!

Ball joints can be used on the front or the rear of the vehicle to make you steering and suspension work properly. They are normal wear and tear items that will break down over time due to heat, road hazards, age and sometimes improper repair procedures.

We’ve got the right guys at North Ridge Station to inspect and address any issues you have with these sorts of steering and suspension components. Give us a call today to set up your appointment to address any wear and tear your vehicle may be exhibiting!

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