North Raleigh Auto Repair and Service Station

Serving customers in North Raleigh, NC since 1972, North Ridge Station has been providing best of class auto repair services to its customers. The station is equipped with the finest certified auto mechanics in the area that provide good, honest, quality work.  

Is your check engine light on?

It’s very easy to ignore and pray that it’s nothing serious but your check engine light doesn’t just come on by accident – it’s an indication of a potentially serious failure that is causing excessive exhaust emissions.  If left unchecked in most cases the problem causing this warning could result in serious damage to your engine or transmission.

Rely on us for your Hybrid Cars

We know you take pride in doing your part to keep the environment clean and healthy. Owning a hybrid vehicle certainly will help keep your carbon footprint at a minimum. But since these cars are still not as common to see on the road when compared to traditional all-gasoline cars, the common question is who locally is qualified to repair these vehicles when they need maintenance? Here at North Ridge Station we provide expert solutions to your Hybrid car problems. We have extensive knowledge on these vehicles and you can feel at ease in the event you need hybrid repair services in the Raleigh NC area.

Proper care for your tires

We understand that there are a plethora of factors that contribute to the performance of your car. But your tires believe it or not are one of the main contributing factors that determine your vehicles performance. For example extreme heat, cold, ice , snow , and even heavy rain difficult for a SUV or car with worn tires to stop properly or even to stay firmly on the road.  The single most important factor to tire maintenance is propor tire pressure. Tires should be inflated to the proper level at all times and should be checked regularly. Under inflation can cause heat buildup and structural damage that leads to tire failure. When you come in for service we make sure that all the tires on your automobile are inflated to the proper manufacture specification to ensure your car performs well.


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