Cooling System Service & Repair

When your cooling system starts to fail or decrease in efficiency, your engine ages more rapidly - and as one of the most complicated and expensive components in your vehicle, it's in your best interest to keep your engine up and running smoothly for as long as possible. The team at North Ridge Sunoco wants to help make sure your vehicle is running as efficiently as it can, so we want to help maintain your cooling system and extend your engine's life.

A failing cooling system can be traced back to one or a combination of any number of parts, including the radiator, tubing, or heating system. All of these parts are interconnected and all are essential to a functioning cooling system, which in turn helps keep your engine from overheating. An overheating engine will stop working properly and rapidly contribute to the overall failure of the engine, an expensive and time-consuming fix.

Some common cooling system problems include coolant leaks (often solved by fixing gasket caps, tubing, and other components that help transport the cooling throughout the engine), rust buildup within the system itself, a defective thermostat (which can cause the cooling system to run at the wrong times or not at all), and more. With such a wide variety of potential issues, the team at North Ridge Sunoco wants to take the guesswork out of problems with your cooling system - bring your vehicle in and we'll diagnose and figure out how to fix whatever issue you're experiencing.

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Cooling System Service & Repair

We're looking forward to making your vehicle the best it can be - contact us today to schedule cooling system service and repair with Raleigh’s best mechanics North Ridge Sunoco at 919.876.2943. We'll make sure you understand the process every step of the way and help make your vehicle run like new again!

With the long term health of your engine in mind and an interest in making your investment in your car last as long as possible, bring your vehicle in to check up on your cooling system and repair any issues you may be facing. Consider bringing your vehicle in for preventative maintenance - staying one step ahead of any potential problems is a great way to make sure you're well prepared for any future investments you'll need to make, as well as help nip any new problems in the bud as soon as possible and prevent them from getting more serious.