Ethanol Free Gas

With the focus on oil and the gas economy so frequently talked about in the news, it can be easy to forget that the gas pump is where the rubber meets the road. You may be unaware that every time you're filling your vehicle with gas with ethanol in it, you're actually adding to a quicker breakdown of your engine and a shorter lifespan for your vehicle - one of the many reasons to consider ethanol free gas the next time you fill up.

Most gas sold these days contains at least a percentage of ethanol - you may have seen "Contains 10% Ethanol" or some similar announcment next to a pump - but what effect does that actually have on your vehicle? Many cars aren't designed to handle gas with ethanol in it; since it burns differently than pure gas, the car's engine must deal with a system it's not familiar with or designed to work with. As a result, the car's engine must handle unexpected stresses and starts to break down more quickly.

Does this mean that you should always use ethanol free gas when refilling your vehicle? Not necessarily - but once every few refills is a very good idea, as it can help your engine function better and live up to its design more easily. Any step you take to prolong your engine's lifespan is a good one, as engine repairs stack up on each other and become expensive very quickly. The team at North Ridge Sunoco is looking forward to helping you and your vehicle keep driving happily and comfortably, and to you doing so while spending the minimum amount of money you can!

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Ethanol Free Gas Raleigh NC

Ethanol free gas helps avoid this problem by cutting out the ethanol entirely, leaving you with the pure gas that most cars are designed to handle. Ethanol free gas breathes new life into your engine by letting it work within parameters that the engineers created it to handle, and although ethanol free gas (often billed as "premium" in gas stations) is a bit more expensive than standard gas, the difference in the wear and necessary repairs on your engine can make up some of that difference.

We'll work hard to make sure you're setting yourself up for success with your vehicle. Contact us today for more information about engine maintenance and to talk with our ASE Certified mechanics at North Ridge Station at 919.876.2943.