Fuel Services


We're North Raleigh's Premier Supplier For Non-Ethanol 93 Octane Fuel &
One of the Last Gas Stations Providing Full-Service Refueling!

We provide old fashioned service with modern technology and each time you visit us you will work with the same reliable and dedicated staff.

North Ridge Station is at the crossroads of Old World and New World Customer Service. Our service station offers the unique opportunity for you to have someone else pump your gas, set your tire pressures and check the fluids under the hood of your car all while you wait in it! We're not marketing something new that the world has never heard of. We're offering something that the other gas stations quit doing decades ago. A true relationship with your gas station staff, thorough and accurate inspection of some of the most important components needed to keep your vehicle running at it's best!

Our Staff at Our Full Service Fuel Pumps will:
-Pump Your Fuel For You
-Check Your Engine Oil
-Check And Top Off Your Washer Fluid
-Check Your belt(s)
-Set Your Tire Pressures
-Clean Your Front And Rear Windshields

Take a breather and let us handle your car for just a few more minutes and cents than it would have if you had to pump the gas yourself.

I'll take 93 Octane, hold the Corn please!!!

-Do ya'll sell real gas?
-Which pumps are the ethanol free?
-Hey, ummm... which one's the good stuff?

We've heard it all and it doesn't matter how you ask, you're wanting what comes out of all our nozzles with the blue covers! It's not a secret that gasoline containing ethanol has been causing problems for the automobile and small engine world since ethanol started creeping in to the market a little over a decade ago. Whether you're driving a classic car, a motorcycle or moped the effects of ANY Ethanol Alcohol in your fuel system CAN mean big trouble down the road. Now, we're not saying fuel containing ethanol is wrong for everyone because many cars built after 2001 may actually have the necessary fuel systems to accommodate the alcohol. But cars older than than, small engines such as boat motors, weed trimmers and lawn mowers can all suffer because of the gasoline not being pure.

Over time the ethanol can destroy fuel pumps, rubber hoses and o-rings, gum up passages and even void warranties in products that are not permitted to use ANY fuel containing ethanol.

Even if you're vehicle IS capable of running E-10, E-15 or E-85 (Fuels containing up to 10, 15 or 85% Ethanol respectively) you may find you're able to get better performance and fuel economy by running our Ethanol Free 93 Octane. Give it a try today, it's the blue handle on any of our fuel pumps!

Please note: While all gasoline engines are capable of running on a fuel free of ethanol, not all engines are designed to operate on 93 octane, refer to your owner's manual or consult a professional about which octane is right for your ride!