Hybrid Vehicle Repair

While the economic and environmental benefits of owning and driving a hybrid car are plentiful, one of the disadvantages is using a nonstandard system - hybrid cars are still much less common than traditional all-gasoline cars. If you're looking for specialists and professionals with hybrid repair experience, you can count on the team at North Ridge Sunoco. Our extensive history with hybrids and deep knowledge of the special requirements of these vehicles is one of the pieces that sets us apart from other shops in the Raleigh area.

One major complaint with owning a hybrid car is the amount of battery issues that the owners face. Hybrid batteries can be expensive and hard to come by, and can sometimes need repair or replacement much more frequently than the batteries of traditional gasoline cars. The North Ridge Sunoco crew is used to the problems that hybrid batteries face and will be happy to diagnose issues, carry out repairs, or just answer any questions you may have along the way.

Hybrids have a few areas that differ from the systems present in traditional vehicles - for example, the charging systems and braking systems in a hybrid have several components that differ from the more straightforward designs of pure gasoline cars. These charging and braking setups require the correct parts and the knowledge necessary to install those parts, and neither the parts nor the training comes standard in most automotive repair shops - but the shop at North Ridge Sunoco is equipped to help you get your hybrid back on the road as soon as possible. Don't expect anything less than the best parts available - we choose from the top of the line in original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, parts to repair your hybrid vehicle, taking advantage of the high quality control standards which OEM parts must satisfy to be sold.

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Hybrid vehicle repair

When you're looking for a shop that your hybrid can call home, look no further than North Ridge Sunoco in Raleigh. Contact us today for a FREE Estimate with Raleigh’s best hybrid vehicle mechanics North Ridge Sunoco at 919.876.2943 - you'll soon see the benefit of working with a group of professionals trained and experienced at working with hybrid vehicles. Whether you've got a specific issue you're dealing with, are looking for preventative maintenance procedures, or have general questions about your hybrid, we'll share our knowledge and expertise with you and help you drive safely and confidently in your vehicle.