Power Steering Repair

Your steering system is vital to maintaining control of your vehicle both at speed as well as during parking lot maneuvers.  The modern system can include components that are hydraulic, electric or both.  The steering system includes a way to amplify your inputs at the steering wheel and make the wheels turn in the direction you desire.  To make this action take place smoothly and predictably your steering components need to be properly inspected, maintained and repaired.  North Ridge Station has the right staff to handle all aspects of your vehicles steering and suspension components.

Our staff can perform routine steering related maintenance which includes power steering system flushes, tire inspection/rotation/replacement and alignments.  In the event your vehicle needs repairs we can handle that as well.  Our technicians will accurately diagnose the failing components, repair or replace them and verify your steering system is functioning as designed.

Service we provide:
-Power Steering Fluid Flushing
-Power Steering/Serpentine Belt Adjustment/Replacement
-Power Steering Pump and Gear/Rack and Pinion Replacement
-Mechanical Steering Linkage/Ball-Joint Service and Repair
-Electrical Diagnostics Related to Speed Proportional Steering
-Electronic Power Steering Gear Replacement and Power Steering Module Initialization/Reprogramming
-Much More!

Why Power Steering Systems Fail

Steering systems can develop failures in a variety of ways.  Lack of power assist in one or both directions, noisy and uneven steering as well as uneven/abnormal tire wear are just some of the issues customers have when their power steering system fails.  Vehicles utilizing a hydraulic pump to amplify steering inputs may develop leaks from hoses, pumps, or power steering gears.  Worn ball joints on steering tie rod ends and ball joints can contribute to noisy steering/suspension movements as well as cause less-than-predictable steering behavior.  In order to get the most miles and performance from your tires it's important to address any worn components and have the tires properly inflated, rotated and balanced and perform alignments about every 18-24 months.  



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