We provide old fashioned service with modern technology and each time you visit us you will work with the same reliable and dedicated staff.

New Tires

While a variety of factors contribute to how well your vehicle performs, few have as direct an impact as your tires. They are literally the place where the rubber hits the road.

Power Steering Repair

Power steering is a vital element for any vehicle. It comes standard on must new vehicles. Power steering enhances your ability to control and maneuver your vehicle.

Hybrid vehicle repair

While the economic and environmental benefits of owning and driving a hybrid car are plentiful, one of the disadvantages is using a nonstandard system


North Carolina State Inspection

Getting your vehicle inspected yearly is not only a requirement in order to keep it on the road legally - it's also a good idea on its own!

Engine Repair

If something's gone wrong in your engine, or you suspect something's about to, the team at North Ridge Sunoco will be glad to help restore

Cooling System Service & Repair

When your cooling system starts to fail or decrease in efficiency, your engine ages more rapidly - and as one of the most complicated