Timing Belt Replacement Service

Many automobile owners aren't aware of their vehicle's timing belt. The timing belt is one of the most important parts in your engine. It's usually under a cover or hidden, unlike the serpentine belt or other belts, yet it can cost you thousands of dollars if it breaks.The timing belt basically keeps the top half of your engine in sync or in unison with the bottom half of your engine. In most vehicles, the timing belt also drives the water pump, which is necessary for the vehicle's cooling system to function. As you can see, a working timing belt is very crucial.

Timing belts can break for many reasons. They're made from rubber and cord just like most belts. The most common issue for a timing belt is wear from regular use. Every time your car is running, the belt is wearing out. Temperature change and regular use also causes the belt to stretch over time. Vehicles that aren't driven regularly can also present problems for a timing belt. The belts can dry rot with moisture and temperature change. Also, belts are designed to move and can develop shape issues if they stay in the same position for long periods of time.

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Timing Belt Replacement Service

Most manufacturers have a recommended mileage or age for replacement of your timing belt. It's best to follow that recommendation since the engineers that designed the engine are the ones suggesting it. It's also a good idea to replace your water pump and inspect or replace any belt tensioners when having your timing belt replaced. Since most manufacturers recommend a timing belt replacement between 60,000 and 100,000 miles, those parts will have enough age and wear that it will save you a considerable amount of labor to be proactive. Many times, these parts fail in a short period of time after having your timing belt replaced.

Attention to your timing belt is part of the maintenance your car needs to keep going. It's also a risky thing to ignore, since the engine could be severely damaged and possibly cost thousands of dollars to repair if you don't replace the belt in a timely manner. Contact Raleigh's best timing belt service technicians at North Ridge Sunoco. Call 919-876-2943 for a free timing belt service estimate today.